Part of speech: noun

A boat race.

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Usage examples "regatta":

  1. The season begins with the races early in January, and closes with a great regatta at the beginning of April; but visitors abound from October until May. - "Shepp's Photographs of the World", James W. Shepp Daniel B. Shepp.
  2. Just three clear weeks before the first day of Henley Regatta the Eight was launched; but it was not until three days after this that Mr. Nickalls was able to come into the boat, and the crew for the first time rowed in its final order, the advent of Mr. Nickalls resulting in four changes in its arrangement. - "Rowing", Rudolf Chambers Lehmann.
  3. Of course no German yachts could have competed, but apart from that, why should not the regatta have gone on just the same? - "Good Old Anna", Marie Belloc Lowndes.