Part of speech: noun

Decorative emblems of royalty, or of some society, order, or rank.

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Usage examples "regalia":

  1. The dancers appear in from two to five parties, representing neighboring villages, each of which is aided by the wealthy men of other villages; and these parties vie with each other primarily in the display of their regalia. - "The Religion of the Indians of California", A. L. Kroeber.
  2. Her pleasant gingerbread coloured face was purple with rage, and one of her pigtails, usually tightly wrapped, had come unbound and was standing up in a great woolly bush on the top of her head, giving her very much the appearance of a Zulu warrior in battle regalia. - "Vacation with the Tucker Twins", Nell Speed.
  3. The interior was adorned like most Catholic churches, with pictures and altars and other regalia of the Catholic service. - "Our War with Spain for Cuba's Freedom", Trumbull White.