Part of speech: verb

To pay back.

Part of speech: verb

To fund anew.

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Usage examples "refund":

  1. " The fact is, sir," said he, " there is a little irregularity about this bill which must be explained, or your son might be called on to refund the cash." - "Foul Play", Charles Reade Dion Boucicault.
  2. The court ordered him to refund the twenty dollars, which Anslong had paid for his passage; and he was discharged. - "Isaac T. Hopper", L. Maria Child.
  3. As a clergyman of the church he could not countenance a lie, live a lie, and stand idly by while Herresford compelled the bank to refund the money stolen from them by his wife. - "The Scarlet Feather", Houghton Townley.