Part of speech: adjective

Reforming or tending to reform.

Part of speech: noun

An institution for the reformation of offenders.

Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "reformatory":

  1. We do not mean to assert that all who sympathize with any particular reformatory measures, or any particular reformatory party, are on the side of Christ, and all who disapprove these measures, or this party, are against him. - "Orthodoxy: Its Truths And Errors", James Freeman Clarke.
  2. Where the reformatory should be located is a matter that should receive very careful attention. - "The Holy Earth", L. H. Bailey.
  3. How little the officials had been in sympathy with the reformatory efforts of their czar, even when the atmosphere had been filled with peace and good- will to all including the Jews, is shown by the fact that when, in 1863, through the efforts of Doctor Schwabacher, the Jewish community of Odessa applied for a charter to build a Home for Aged Hebrews, the charter, though granted by the higher authorities, was withheld for over twenty years! - "The Haskalah Movement in Russia", Jacob S. Raisin.