What does the word reformation mean?

Usage examples for reformation

  1. These doctrines are the highest development of justice that has been wrought out in the past and by that great movement called the Reformation. – The American Revolution and the Boer War, An Open Letter to Mr. Charles Francis Adams on His Pamphlet "The Confederacy and the Transvaal" by Sydney G. Fisher
  2. At least he had already been called to test the people; and in next section we shall see how he continued to fulfil his duty after the discovery of Deuteronomy, and onwards through the attempts at reformation which it inspired. – Jeremiah by George Adam Smith
  3. In the first place she had discovered, while arranging her late husband's library, a book which had evidently suggested his ideas of reformation in the treatment of the insane. – Jezebel's Daughter by Wilkie Collins