Part of speech: adjective

Full of or diffusing a pleasant odor; followed by of.

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Usage examples "redolent":

  1. It was a charming apartment, redolent of the country, smelling of lavender, and after London, as fresh as a glimpse of a new life. - "My Strangest Case", Guy Boothby.
  2. Bruce took out his embroidered pocket- handkerchief, redolent with scent, and blew his nose affectedly. - "Julian Home", Dean Frederic W. Farrar.
  3. Can we not picture him crossing the still meadows by a lonely path, meeting no one, the air redolent of spring flowers, musical ideas floating through his mind- ideas which there was nobody to hear, which nobody, perhaps, was ever destined to hear, as he sang them aloud in the fading light, 'the whole sky grey, with a purple streak on the horizon, and the thick cloud of smoke behind him. - "Story-Lives of Great Musicians", Francis Jameson Rowbotham.