Part of speech: verb

To count again.

Part of speech: verb

To relate in detail; recite; tell.

Part of speech: noun

A repetition of a count.

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Usage examples "recount":

  1. Many the precepts of the men of old I can recount thee, so thou start not back, And such slight cares to learn not weary thee. - "The Georgics", Virgil.
  2. When we meet, I shall recount to you the many curious incidents of my solitude and my journey in the sacred hills of Lebanon. - "The Book of Khalid", Ameen Rihani.
  3. It is needless to recount the joyful feelings with which Haydn received the news of his appointment, offering as it did the most exceptional opportunities for prosecuting his beloved art. - "Story-Lives of Great Musicians", Francis Jameson Rowbotham.