Part of speech: adjective


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Usage examples "recognizable":

  1. It was now a mass of iron, a twisted chaos of castings and machinery, recognizable only as something that had once been an automobile; but the experienced eyes of Thompson, trained to the quick and perfect recognition of all cars that he had ever seen, identified the mass of wreckage as soon as he got near enough to see it clearly. - "The Last Woman", Ross Beeckman.
  2. In his hand, with staff resting on his toe, he carried an old standard so torn and tattered and stained that it was scarcely recognizable as a flag. - "The Burial of the Guns", Thomas Nelson Page.
  3. I had not the least doubt about it for it had the silhouette of a bird of prey that rendered the German planes so easily recognizable at that time. - "Fighting France", Stephane Lauzanne.