Part of speech: noun

Anything that serves to contain or hold other things.

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Usage examples "receptacle":

  1. No, she knew of no such place or receptacle. - "The Chestermarke Instinct", J. S. Fletcher.
  2. In the large space between the stove and the wall four planks had been put together as if to make a large receptacle for apples; there were no apples, however, inside, but something Heidi had no difficulty in recognising, for it was her very own bed, with its hay mattress and sheets, and sack for a coverlid, just as she had it up at the hut. - "Heidi", Johanna Spyri.
  3. If electricity were not available, an oil receptacle of brass could be fitted into the vase and the beauty of the lamp would be the same. - "The House in Good Taste", Elsie de Wolfe.