What does the word recast mean?

Usage examples for recast

  1. As often as not, he comes back to tell the composer how little that worthy knows about music and to demand that a note be changed or a whole bar recast to make it easier to play, but at last he appears with a " lead- sheet"- a mere suggestion of the song to be played, with all the discretion the pianist commands- and the composer, the lyric writer and the " Boss" go across the street to some cabaret and try out the new song. – Writing for Vaudeville by Brett Page
  2. Finishing the " Volcanic Islands" on February 14th, 1844, he, in July of the same year, commenced the preparation of two important works which engaged him till near the end of the year 1846. The first was his " Geological Observations on South America", the second a recast of his " Journal", published under the short title of " A Naturalist's Voyage round the World". – Darwin and Modern Science by A.C. Seward and Others
  3. To what extent, we ask, may the forms of Nature be copied or recast? – Garden-Craft Old and New by John D. Sedding