Part of speech: verb

To cut, as grain; clear of grain by cutting, as a field; obtain as a result.

Part of speech: verb

To cut and gather grain; receive a return or result.

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Usage examples "reap":

  1. Toward the end of his life he engaged in the perfection of an invention of which he talked a great deal and of which he declared that he alone would reap the benefit. - "Ashton-Kirk, Investigator", John T. McIntyre.
  2. It would far more become them to leave to the King of Spain the care of his own subjects, and abandon the attempt to foster a spirit of rebellion in foreign countries, from which they would reap neither honor nor profit. - "The Revolt of The Netherlands, Complete", Frederich Schiller.
  3. Let her endure, for in due time she shall reap, if she faint not;- and to know that, is necessary for her salvation. - "The Water of Life and Other Sermons", Charles Kingsley.