Part of speech: noun

In art and literature the depicting of things as they are held really to exist, without reference to any ideal standard.

Part of speech: noun

Philos. ( 1) The doctrine that the mind perceives real external objects and not merely its own impressions; opposed to idealism. ( 2) The doctrine that general conceptions, as mankind, whiteness, virtue, exist as realities, apart from individual objects; opposed to nominalism.

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Usage examples "realism":

  1. Where it led him astray was in his treatment of drapery, which under his deliberate method was apt to become lifeless through its very excess of realism. - "Leighton", A. Lys Baldry.
  2. It has the double merit of absolute similarity in cadence and lifelike realism. - "Collections and Recollections", George William Erskine Russell.
  3. This passion for realism is everywhere.... - "Poor Relations", Compton Mackenzie.