Part of speech: verb

To rear up; leap; rage; romp.

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Usage examples "ramp":

  1. It was shortly after that it all came out that the thing was a ramp, the motor- car business never in existence; shortly after that it came out Huggo was neglecting his wife; shortly after that the high words to Rosalie, telling her how his wife had deceived him; shortly after that that the syndicate, amazingly prosperous, moved into offices better situated and handsomely appointed; shortly after that it came out that the business of the syndicate was in some way connected with company promotion. - "This Freedom", A. S. M. Hutchinson.
  2. Even Harry Griffith turned his head to gaze toward the entrance ramp of the drawbridge. - "Danger at the Drawbridge", Mildred A. Wirt.
  3. Walking to the street entrance, Cade looked up in time to see Mandi land with the car at the bottom of the ramp. - "An Encounter in Atlanta", Ed Howdershelt.