Part of speech: noun

A Hindu prince or chief.

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Usage examples "raja":

  1. From the Raja to the peasant most Hindus have an interest in theology and often a passion for it. - "Hinduism and Buddhism, Vol I. (of 3) An Historical Sketch", Charles Eliot.
  2. The last Raja joined the rebels in 1857, and so forfeited his rank and territory. - "Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official", William Sleeman.
  3. This day the Raja, according to previous information, which he had given, came on board in a large boat, and did us the honour of a visit; this boat was covered with an awning of split bamboo; he was attended by the person next in authority, and a considerable number of people, and was, on his arrival, saluted with five guns. - "An Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island", John Hunter.