Part of speech: noun

A track over which a race, as a horse race, is run.

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Usage examples "racecourse":

  1. The game commenced on the racecourse, and was attended by a large number of persons from the surrounding villages. - "Old Church Lore", William Andrews.
  2. It was Symons who had built a racecourse on the stony plain; who had organised the Jumrood Spring Meeting; who won the principal event himself, to the delight of the private soldiers, with whom he was intensely popular; who, moreover, was to be first and foremost if the war with the tribes broke out again; and who was entrusted with much of the negotiations with their jirgas. - "London to Ladysmith via Pretoria", Winston Spencer Churchill.
  3. He was a wild and roving person, to whom the tavern, and the racecourse, and the cockpit, from his very boyhood up, had been as the breath of life, and with whom the chance of mischief was never willingly foregone. - "Guy Rivers: A Tale of Georgia", William Gilmore Simms.