Part of speech: noun

A disk of iron, for pitching.

Part of speech: noun

A game played by throwing these disks at a short stake.

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Usage examples "quoit":

  1. He took his stand, measured the distance with his eye, then with a run flew up the rising, and at its summit his body bent double, while the heavy quoit flew away. - "A Victor of Salamis", William Stearns Davis.
  2. Once more the beggar obtained these, and on Sunday, when the wedding was to be held, they went and played quoits, and the beggar went riding on a white horse and wearing a white garment; and as he was playing he threw the quoit at his uncle who was to wed the youngest princess, and killed him. - "The Blue Rose Fairy Book", Maurice Baring.
  3. Many of them the sons of provincial retainers, some even of franklins and gentlemen, their childhood had made them familiar with the splendour and the sports of knighthood; they had learned to wrestle, to cudgel, to pitch the bar or the quoit, to draw the bow, and to practise the sword and buckler, before transplanted from the village green to the city stall. - "The Last Of The Barons, Complete", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.