Part of speech: noun

A sneering or mocking remark.

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Usage examples "quip":

  1. And when you miss the quip and wanton wile, And learn you can't endure the Towerless season, O William, I shall not be petty ... - "Something Else Again", Franklin P. Adams.
  2. Meet also, if you please, Polkadot Pape, a cross- bred cow- pony who soon could quip the interest of any horse- worthy he- man and who, by virtue of his weird and wicked style of beauty, could command the admiration of the fair. - "Lonesome Town", Ethel and James Dorrance.
  3. With quip and jest he made light of the ignorance and credulity of many clergymen, especially of the monks. - "A Political and Social History of Modern Europe V.1.", Carlton J. H. Hayes.