Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: verb

To use evasions; play upon words.

Part of speech: noun

An evasion; equivocation.

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Usage examples "quibble":

  1. " He isn't going to Florida this winter," said Elinor, repenting her of the small quibble. - "The Grafters", Francis Lynde.
  2. His faith protested a little, but the other self invented a quibble, the mockery that he had already " come by Tucson," according to his literal word; and this device answered. - "Red Men and White", Owen Wister.
  3. Henry Fenn had tried to stop Grant from going so quickly, thinking his presence at the scene would raise a question of his guilt, but he cried: " They may need me, Henry- come on- what's a quibble of guilt when a life's to save?" - "In the Heart of a Fool", William Allen White.