Part of speech: verb

To sing tremulously; have a tremulous sound or motion; trill.

Part of speech: noun

A tremulous motion; a shake; trill; an eighth note.

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Usage examples "quaver":

  1. Voices from far off would quaver to him therefore in the stillness; where he knew for the most recurrent, little by little, the faint wail of his wife. - "The Finer Grain", Henry James.
  2. For reply he stood stock still, raised his nose, and emitted a long wail, a mournful, a ghastly sound, with a broken- hearted quaver at the end. - "The Untamed", Max Brand.
  3. Fainter grew the voice, still fainter, Sinking almost to a whisper, With a hesitating quaver, As the picture came before her Of her disappearing people. - "The Legends of San Francisco", George W. Caldwell.