Part of speech: noun

A fourth part, as of certain measures or weights; a four- pound loaf. quartern loaf.

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Usage examples "quartern":

  1. You wear out at least a shilling's worth of boot leather, pay twopence for a roll and fourpence for a more villainous compound called coffee; come home in a state of inanition, cram down a quartern loaf and a quarter of a pound of rancid butter, washed down with weak tea; and if self- satisfaction and exhaustion combined are soporific, it is only to leave you a prey to nightmare. - "The Pillars of the House, V1", Charlotte M. Yonge.
  2. In half a minute Mrs. Cratchit entered- flushed, but smiling proudly- with the pudding, like a speckled cannon- ball, so hard and firm, blazing in half of half- a- quartern of ignited brandy, and bedight with Christmas holly stuck into the top. - "The Children's Book of Christmas Stories", Various.
  3. Don't you let him have another half- a- quartern. - "When Ghost Meets Ghost", William Frend De Morgan.