Part of speech: verb

To make or become purple.

Part of speech: adjective

Of the color of purple.

Part of speech: noun

A color of mingled red and blue.

Part of speech: noun

Royal dignity; rank; wealth.

Part of speech: noun

The office of a cardinal.

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Usage examples "purple":

  1. He tossed up his hands, and drew them down again and clenched them in front of him, and raised his tired, hot eyes to the calm purple sky with its millions of moving stars. - "Gallegher and Other Stories", Richard Harding Davis.
  2. If I have written anything which will live it is 'Imperial Purple. - "Edgar Saltus: The Man", Marie Saltus.
  3. Does your Majesty prefer a purple paper or a green? - "The Jolliest School of All", Angela Brazil.