Part of speech: verb

To cleanse; purify; clear; clear.

Part of speech: verb

To cleanse the bowels by medicinal action.

Part of speech: noun

A medicine that purges.

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Usage examples "purge":

  1. A day later, when the Council was about to institute special proceedings, Bonaparte again intervened with the remark that the action of the tribunal would be too slow, too restricted: a signal revenge was needed for so foul a crime, rapid as lightning: " Blood must be shed: as many guilty must be shot as the innocent who had perished- some fifteen or twenty- and two hundred banished, so that the Republic might profit by that event to purge itself." - "The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)", John Holland Rose.
  2. This is not so strictly the story of the second generation that I may not properly give a brief account of how it fared with my mother when my father undertook to purge his house of superstition. - "The Promised Land", Mary Antin.
  3. He almost felt that confession would purge him of his sin, and looked forward with a certain pleasure to the pain he would inflict upon himself in telling her. - "A Forest Hearth: A Romance of Indiana in the Thirties", Charles Major.