What does the word purgation mean?

    Part of speech: noun

  • A purging, purifying, or clearing.

Usage examples for purgation

  1. Let sin be owned, therefore, since men were born sinners; but let purgation be done, the wicked member plucked out, etc. – Little Novels of Italy Madonna Of The Peach-Tree, Ippolita In The Hills, The Duchess Of Nona, Messer Cino And The Live Coal, The Judgment Of Borso by Maurice Henry Hewlett
  2. First, then, I propose to consider the analysis of mind, and what It has to tell us about the nature of Sin, of Salvation, of Conversion; what light it casts on the process of purgation or self- purification which is demanded by all religions of the Spirit; what are the respective parts played by reason and instinct in the process of regeneration; and the importance for religious experience of the phenomena of apperception. – The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day by Evelyn Underhill
  3. Wherefore I must have a purgation. – Phaedrus by Plato