Part of speech: noun

The stage of a transforming insect that precedes the perfect form.

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Usage examples "pupa":

  1. At the end of that time, each one would curl himself into a cocoon, like a ball, called a pupa. - "Keep-Well Stories for Little Folks", May Farinholt-Jones.
  2. Thus, in the Chautauqua grape- belt of western New York, the pupa of the root- worm, a scourge of the grape in this region, is thrown out and destroyed by the grape- hoe just as it is about ready to emerge as an adult to lay its eggs on the vines. - "Manual of American Grape-Growing", U. P. Hedrick.
  3. It lays aside its tools, sheds its skin and becomes a nymph, a pupa, weakness personified, in swaddling- clothes, on a soft couch. - "The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles", Jean Henri Fabre.