Part of speech: noun

An upright supporting timber.

Part of speech: noun

A punch or perforating tool.

Part of speech: noun

A liquor - cask holding from 72 to 120 gallons.

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Usage examples "puncheon":

  1. " A surprise for you, my dear nephew," Grafton said gayly, " I'll, lay a puncheon you did, not, expect us." - "Richard Carvel, Complete", Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009.
  2. These may be listed as follows: 1. The palisade 2. The puncheon 3. The cruck 4. Timber framing, including half- timber work 5. Brick Now the first of these, palisading, was common in England for two thousand years and more, and, as we have already seen, was employed by the Virginia Indian, who invented it entirely independently of European contact. - "Virginia Architecture in the Seventeenth Century", Henry Chandlee Forman.
  3. The floor was made of puncheon boards, and was bare. - "Children of the Market Place", Edgar Lee Masters.