Part of speech: verb

To beat; pound; bruise.

Part of speech: noun

A knob, as at the front of a saddle or on the hilt of a sword.

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Usage examples "pummel":

  1. What is the cause of the tides, Pummel? - "Impressions of Theophrastus Such", George Eliot.
  2. On the pummel of his saddle was strapped a roll of blankets for the night bivouac, and to one of the straps was attached a tin- pannikin, which bumped incessantly against his horse's mane. - "The Bushman Life in a New Country", Edward Wilson Landor.
  3. I accordingly fired, and dropping my musket on the pummel of the saddle, drew out one of the pistols, and told him if he offered to move, I would instantly shoot him dead. - "The Journal Of A Mission To The Interior Of Africa, In The Year 1805", Mungo Park.