Part of speech: noun

A prostitute.

Part of speech: noun

A pug - dog.

Part of speech: noun

A monkey.

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Usage examples "pug":

  1. This disagreeable animal, a perfect type of what might be called a " church- goer's pug," answered to the name of " My Lord." - "The Wandering Jew, Book II.", Eugene Sue.
  2. It moves the pug- mill, the jollies, and the marvellous batting machines, dries the unfired clay, heats the printers' stoves, and warms the offices where the 'jacket- men' dwell. - "Tales of the Five Towns", Arnold Bennett.
  3. Then I caught my little son Putting mustard in a bun; Going to give it to the pug. - "Punch, or the London Charivari, November 4th 1893", Various.