Part of speech:

the keeper of a public house

Part of speech: noun

Rom. Hist. One who farmed or collected the public revenues; a tax- gatherer.

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Usage examples "publican":

  1. Country folk think nothing of antiquities, and a local estate agent or the village publican will make away with this relic of antiquity and give the " old rubbish" to Widow Smith for firing. - "Vanishing England", P. H. Ditchfield.
  2. It was a desperate fight: the publican was a big man, and a bit of a fighting man; but Ned was one of those quiet, simple- minded chaps who will carry a thing through to death when they make up their minds. - "Joe Wilson and His Mates", Henry Lawson.
  3. However, one fine May morning he managed to borrow the old blind pony of our friend the publican, and Tom persuaded Madam Brown to give him a holiday to spend with old Benjy, and to lend them the Squire's light cart, stored with bread and cold meat and a bottle of ale. - "Tom Brown's School Days", Thomas Hughes.