Part of speech: adjective

Assuming various forms; changeable.

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Usage examples "protean":

  1. These sonnets are protean in character; they represent different things to different people,- religion to one, love to another, philosophy to a third. - "Emerson and Other Essays", John Jay Chapman.
  2. It should lead one to a new respect for the familiar things in the natural world when one learns how baffling to the wits of the wisest scientist is this little creature with its protean forms and the wonderful structure of its caterpillars. - "Butterflies Worth Knowing", Clarence M. Weed.
  3. When, however, one reflects that amulets, in some one of their protean forms, have been invested with supernatural preventive and healing powers by the people of all lands and epochs, and that they have been worn not only by kings and princes, but by philosophers, prelates, and physicians of eminence as well, it is evident that the subject deserves more than a passing consideration. - "Primitive Psycho-Therapy and Quackery", Robert Means Lawrence.