What does the word progenitor mean?

Usage examples for progenitor

  1. Quawteaht, is a great personage in Indian mythology, a beneficent being, and considered by many to be the progenitor of their race. – Indian Legends of Vancouver Island by Alfred Carmichael
  2. Las Casas himself may be reasonably assumed to have known his own father's name and we must conclude, in view of his assertion, that all other authorities, including the Royal College of Heralds, are wrong, and that not Francisco, but a Pedro de Las Casas, who was not however Dean of Seville, was the immediate progenitor of the illustrious Bishop of Chiapa. – Bartholomew de Las Casas; his life, apostolate, and writings by Francis Augustus MacNutt
  3. Did not Alfred himself claim him as his primeval progenitor, the founder of our race? – The Old English Herbals by Eleanour Sinclair Rohde