Part of speech: noun

Natural disposition; propensity; inclination.

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Usage examples "proclivity":

  1. In most of them the animal nature was, for the time at least, far wider awake than the human, and their proclivity towards the sport of the persecutor was strong. - "Malcolm", George MacDonald.
  2. The three men sat on the verandah while a servant brought brandy- and- soda, and Nana Sahib, with a restless perversity akin to the torturing proclivity of a Hindu was quizzing the Frenchman about his recruits. - "Caste", W. A. Fraser.
  3. In the morning he awoke, rubbed his eyes in astonishment at the strange surroundings amid which he found himself, and after recollecting his own pet proclivity, as he ruefully surveyed all the empty coffins, ejaculated:- 'Just my usual luck. - "The Reminiscences of an Irish Land Agent", S.M. Hussey.