Part of speech: noun

One who is on probation; a novice.

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Usage examples "probationer":

  1. The Probationer was not sure. - "Love Stories", Mary Roberts Rinehart.
  2. All approved candidates for the ministerial office among the Presbyterians, are ordained without reference to any local change; among the Independents no probationer is ordained till he has been appointed to the pastoral office. - "Christian Sects in the Nineteenth Century", Caroline Frances Cornwallis.
  3. All the careful years of training, all the invisible meshes of the vast net that had been gathering its folds round him since he had first donned the dress of a Probationer of the College of Jesuits, were powerless to restrain the flight of a pure and guileless heart to the height of truth. - "The Slave Of The Lamp", Henry Seton Merriman.