What does the word privet mean?

Usage examples for privet

  1. A homely garden, where berries and roses grew together and privet hedges sheltered peas and lettuce, and tulips and wall- flowers did not disdain the proximity of household vegetables. – An Orkney Maid by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  2. After he had pushed through the prickly whitethorn and the privet- bushes which tore his clothes, he stood transfixed with admiration. – Timar's Two Worlds by Mór Jókai
  3. A lawn and front bordered on side by loose hedges of Regel's privet and Thunberg's barberry and with only one or two slim trees of delicate foliage near its street line, rises slightly from the sidewalk to the house in a smooth half wave that never sinks below any level it has attained and yet consists of two curves. – The Amateur Garden by George W. Cable