Part of speech: noun

An elementary reading- book.

Part of speech: noun

Either of two sizes of type, known as great primer ( 18- point) and long primer ( 10- point).

Part of speech: noun

One who or that which primes anything, as a gun.

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Usage examples "primer":

  1. This will act as a primer or undercoat for the succeeding coats of paint. - "Advanced Toy Making for Schools", David M. Mitchell.
  2. You always know at any moment what that nice young man is thinking about; he is written like a primer in big type and one- syllable words. - "Dear Enemy", Jean Webster.
  3. At the same time the gun crew swung the gun out and fired a primer to indicate how quickly they could have fired a real shot. - "The Victory At Sea", William Sowden Sims Burton J. Hendrick.