Part of speech: verb

To make ready; supply with priming.

Part of speech: adjective

First; chief; vigorous; excellent.

Part of speech: noun

The period between youth and age; fulness of vigor; full perfection.

Part of speech: noun

The beginning of anything.

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Usage examples "prime":

  1. Mrs. Clifford was shocked at first, but smiled the next moment, as she remembered what an innocent thing it was, past its " prime" before she was of Horace's age. - "Captain Horace", Sophie May.
  2. The Prime Minister became a victim and vanished. - "The Blue Germ", Martin Swayne.
  3. The Queen wrote letters to the King which she sent to him through his Prime Minister, Lord Liverpool. - "A History of the Four Georges and of William IV, Volume IV (of 4)", Justin McCarthy and Justin Huntly McCarthy.