What does the word prescient mean?

    Part of speech: adjective

  • Foreknowing.

Usage examples for prescient

  1. The weather was for the most part divinely beautiful, so tenderly and evenly cool and warm, with a sort of lingering fondness in the sunshine, as if it were prescient of the fogs so soon to blot it. – London Films by W.D. Howells
  2. Sometimes, as I ran my fingers through Lil's sweet red curls, I thought of that remark and sighed great gusts of contentment and marveled that my friend Dan had been so prescient. – Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow
  3. Forth flew the bellying sails Beyond the prows, despite the ropes that dared Resist the tempest's fury; and for those Who prescient housed their canvas to the storm, Bare- masted they were driven from their course. – Pharsalia; Dramatic Episodes of the Civil Wars by Lucan