Part of speech: noun

Foreknowledge; sagacious foresight.

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Usage examples "prescience":

  1. Our Abbot had, not long before my arrival, acquired with wise prescience a fine country estate in the eastern outskirts, which was already worth at least ten times what he had expended on its purchase. - "A New Medley of Memories", David Hunter-Blair.
  2. The impulses of my heart, joined to some prescience of trouble, bade me to follow Elisabeth. - "54-40 or Fight", Emerson Hough.
  3. She is one of those persons who possess a keen and just prescience of events, who can look far into the future and discern those resultant consequences of the present which, under the operation of inexorable moral law, must inevitably ensue. - "Shadows of the Stage", William Winter.