Part of speech: adjective

Held beforehand; premeditated.

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Usage examples "prepense":

  1. He is sitting at a distant window, tying flies, and makes this unfortunate remark without the faintest appearance of malice prepense. - "Rossmoyne", Unknown.
  2. So Dinky- Dunk, apparently with malice prepense, enlarged on his theme, describing how all young Cochrane's stock had starved in their stalls and how his collie dog which had been chained to a kennel- box outside the shack had first drawn attention to the tragedy. - "The Prairie Wife", Arthur Stringer.
  3. In vain I try to put myself in the place of a man who goes forth into wild nature with malice prepense to give free swing to his passion for forcible expression. - "The Last Harvest", John Burroughs.