What does the word precipice mean?

Usage examples for precipice

  1. For some time it was not seen, and they conceived themselves safe, when, rising immediately under the boat, it lifted her to the height of many yards on its back, whence slipping off, she dropped as from a precipice, and immediately filled and sunk. – A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson by Watkin Tench
  2. They then rush on with hideous yells, and drive the poor animals towards a precipice, seeming to know that, when they are once at full speed, they will all follow one another over the cliff. – Illustrative Anecdotes of the Animal Kingdom by Samuel Griswold Goodrich
  3. He found himself on a small platform of rock, broken abruptly by the three corners of precipice. – The Wisdom of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton