Part of speech: noun

A district.

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Usage examples "precinct":

  1. Indeed, three different men in the precinct, who did not know of young Raegen's aquatic prowess, had returned to the station- house and seriously reported him to the sergeant as lost, and regretted having driven a citizen into the river, where he had been unfortunately drowned. - "Gallegher and Other Stories", Richard Harding Davis.
  2. Just missed you at the Precinct House, came after you, and saw you turn in here. - "Police Your Planet", Lester del Rey.
  3. The ladies' dressing- room is a sacred precinct, into which no gentleman should ever presume to look; to enter it would be an outrage not to be overlooked or forgiven. - "Martine's Hand-book of Etiquette, and Guide to True Politeness", Arthur Martine.