Part of speech:

Before, as in time, place, or rank. In thoroughly naturalized words it takes the form pre-; in scientific and recent neo Latin terms it often takes the form prae-. In the following list pre- is a constituent of various nouns, adjectives, and verbs, self explaining in connection with their second elements, in the sense of " before in time; in advance; prior; fore-"; as, preengage, to engage beforehand.

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Usage examples "pre":

  1. The two companions, albeit burning with curiosity, affected indifference and pre- knowledge. - "A First Family of Tasajara", Bret Harte.
  2. The European workers felt that too in the pre- war days, but they have been compelled- by the terrible experiences of the past few years- to change their minds. - "The American Empire", Scott Nearing.
  3. Thus souls are continually being created, which, nevertheless, in a certain sense pre- existed. - "Creative Evolution", Henri Bergson.