Part of speech: verb

To move proudly with high steps.

Part of speech: verb

To ride in a capering manner.

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Usage examples "prance":

  1. " Well, it come Little Hahsie's turn at last- Klein Hahsie, dat you call Little Hare, dat skellum Little Hare- but he yust prance out behind dem cows in de mawnin' wid a high ole hop an a skip. - "Old Hendrik's Tales", Arthur Owen Vaughan.
  2. His appearance was the sign for a few hands to commence clapping in a distant part of the hall, in honor of a man so much talked of in Prance, and of whom such strange things were said. - "Marie Antoinette And Her Son", Louise Muhlbach Official.
  3. I laugh and I prance, I skip and I dance. - "Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad", Various.