Part of speech: noun

A thick broth or stew.

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Usage examples "pottage":

  1. The ogress came home and was going to cook her pottage when she found that some one had been stealing the parsley, and said, " Ill luck to me, but I'll catch this long- fingered rogue and make him repent it; I'll teach him to his cost that every one should eat off his own platter and not meddle with other folks' cups." - "Stories from Pentamerone", Giambattista Basile.
  2. Who would his birthright sell for pottage- mess But a dull, sensual Esau, blind to good? - "Sonnets and Other Verse", W. M. MacKeracher.
  3. " Mademoiselle, it is the mess of pottage," the young man answered gloomily. - "A Chair on The Boulevard", Leonard Merrick.