Part of speech: adjective

Coming after another.

Part of speech: noun

The hinder part.

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Usage examples "posterior":

  1. It is occasionally found in writers posterior to Marlowe's time. - "Tamburlaine the Great, Part II.", Christopher Marlowe.
  2. These two factors are, first, an abnormal development, either defective or excessive, of one of the original parietal segments; and, secondly, influences that would interfere with the freedom of full growth of the anterior or posterior border of the parietal. - "A Bilateral Division of the Parietal Bone in a Chimpanzee; with a Special Reference to the Oblique Sutures in the Parietal Bulletin of the AMNH, Vol. XIII, Article XXI, pp. 281-295, Dec. 31, 1900", Ales Hrdlicka.
  3. His costume was a little eccentric: his trousers were unconscionably full in the legs and very tight at the hips; his waistcoat was of Scotch plaid with enormous squares, and his coat was so short that it barely covered half of his posterior. - "San-Cravate; or, The Messengers; Little Streams", Charles Paul de Kock.