Part of speech: adjective

Expressed in several languages.

Part of speech: adjective

Speaking several tongues.

Part of speech: noun

A book giving versions of the same text, as of scripture, in several languages.

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Usage examples "polyglot":

  1. It is equally hard to police a city of a million or so polyglot inhabitants with a due regard to their theoretic constitutional rights. - "Courts and Criminals", Arthur Train.
  2. 15. Swift, Hirundo apus: About April 27. 16. Less reed- sparrow, Passer arundinaceus minor: A sweet polyglot, but hurrying: it has the notes of many birds. - "The-Natural-History-of-Selborne", White, Gilbert.
  3. Also we could read French, and in Turkey there are many papers printed in French for the polyglot peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean. - "A Prisoner in Turkey", John Still.