Part of speech: verb

To balance.

Part of speech: noun

The state of being balanced; a balance - weight; equilibrium; equanimity; repose.

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Usage examples "poise":

  1. His quiet poise was departing, and he longed for the stern, fierce excitement of active service. - "His Sombre Rivals", E. P. Roe.
  2. But the poise of her head suggested native pride and dignity; her eyes were deep, and full of changing lights; the scarlet dress, loose as it was, showed rich curves in her figure, and her movements had a certain childlike grace. - "A Cumberland Vendetta", John Fox, Jr..
  3. The fish- girls, with their distinctive costumes, their bare feet, and the graceful poise of the heavy basket of fish on their heads, are a very characteristic feature of both towns. - "Spanish Life in Town and Country", L. Higgin and Eugène E. Street.