Part of speech: noun

The state of being plural.

Part of speech: noun

The larger portion or greater number.

Part of speech: noun

Polit. The greatest of more than two numbers when less than a majority; also, the excess of one such number over the next highest number.

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Usage examples "plurality":

  1. The present system of naming electors increases the chances of electing Presidents who have received less than a majority of the popular vote, and it is even possible to elect a President who has received less than a plurality of votes, which has happened in two instances- the election of Hayes and Benjamin Harrison. - "A History of the Republican Party", George Washington Platt.
  2. In 1882, his party wanted a reform candidate for governor, and they naturally turned to Cleveland, and he was elected by a plurality of two hundred thousand. - "American Men of Action", Burton E. Stevenson.
  3. A plurality of wives is absolutely forbidden. - "The Women of the Arabs", Henry Harris Jessup.