Part of speech: noun

The art of putting into buildings the tanks, pipes, etc., for conveying water, gas, and sewage.

Part of speech: noun

The pipe system of a building.

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Usage examples "plumbing":

  1. They were living in an upstairs apartment and Barney had started working as a plumber for the man in the lower apartment who ran a plumbing business. - "The Biography of a Rabbit", Roy Benson, Jr..
  2. Construction in wood, stone, iron and metals; laws of building; modes of heat, light and ventilation; plumbing; interior fittings; these and other occupations are taken up. - "The Condition and Tendencies of Technical Education in Germany", Arthur Henry Chamberlain.
  3. Where do you get fancy plumbing in this wilderness? - "The Danger Mark", Robert W. Chambers.