Part of speech: noun

Half of a company, commanded by a lieutenant.

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Usage examples "platoon":

  1. This was his first experience in cavalry discipline; and I infer that the men in the front rank of the platoon, which I commanded, hoped it might be his last entry; for it must have been most emphatically evident to those who followed him that he was determined to introduce a new system of tactics, in which heels were to go up in no gentle manner at every change of movement. - "Three Years in the Federal Cavalry", Willard Glazier.
  2. The gun I was to handle was an old- model Terran Federation Army infantry- platoon accompanying gun. - "Four-Day Planet", Henry Beam Piper.
  3. He adds: A lieutenant once spoke to me after an action, saying that when he was leading his platoon back from the battle one of his privates asked him a question. - "Seeing Things at Night", Heywood Broun.