Part of speech: noun

The unwarranted appropriation of another's literary or artistic work; something plagiarized.

Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "plagiarism":

  1. The history of science is now full of such instances; but then the friends of each accused the other of plagiarism. - "Pioneers of Science", Oliver Lodge.
  2. In answer to the charge of plagiarism the reverend gentleman explained that he had set out to translate the book, but that when he had rendered a few chapters of it into English Mrs. Wister's work fell into his hands and he found her version so good that he thought it best to adopt it instead of making one of his own. - "Recollections of a Varied Life", George Cary Eggleston.
  3. Neither plagiarism nor pseudonymity were recognized offences at the time; so that we bring no indictment against the author of 2nd Peter, were he the Apostle or not. - "The Making of the New Testament", Benjamin W. Bacon.